Ain’t No Sunshine…


Happy Thursday!  It’s raining…yippee!  Seriously, I am so relieved that the sky opened up last night and dropped a fair amount of rain.  I’m hoping that the dreaded drops keep falling all day long.  At this point it’s the only time I feel relief from my allergies.  Yesterday as I quietly sat in the back of Church (school May Day celebration) I started wheezing and sneezing (similar to an asthma attack) until I literally had to crawl over two infant bucket seats to ESCAPE.  Fortunately my kids were sitting in front with their respective classes, so they had no idea it was their mother disturbing the peace.  Of course, I then sat in the parking lot for forty minutes for fear that if I returned it would likely happen again.  I missed the procession and crowning ceremony completely. 

Any baseball fans out there?  Well, if you follow the Red Sox you are probably familiar with former player/current announcer Jerry Remy.  After a short absence from the NESN booth it was revealed last night that Jerry is ill…recovering from pneumonia.  Sadly, this comes on the heels of surgery last fall to tackle lung cancer.  This news was a huge shock.  As a sport’s blog reader I never had any inkling that Jerry was battling such a fierce opponent.  Few sports icons hold universal appeal. In New England Remy is a sports icon and he is loved by all.   I’m praying for a complete and swift recovery! 

Must tackle my ‘to do’ list immediately: 

  1.    Clean the whole house before hubby returns tonight
  2.   Shop for Mother’s Day gifts
  3.    Write because I’m hopelessly behind
  4.   Eat because nothing brings me greater joy 

Right now I’m going to go out on a limb and say that on four hours sleep some of these things are simply not going to happen.  Although the last one is a sure thing .




6 thoughts on “Ain’t No Sunshine…

  1. Sistah …. Lean on me, when you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend …. Sometimes while sipping a Latte just killing an afternoon in The Square, you can witness Mr. JOEY BEANS perform a medley of Mr. Bill Wither’s greatest hits. Really, such a treat for all those hip/chic enough to patronize The Blue Bunny and other fine Dedham Square merchants !

  2. Well, color me jealous! I’m not sure I’m hip enough to hang in the square. I guess I’ll stick with my Dunkin Donut’s cup of joe…I knew there was a reason I relocated out of state 😦


  3. It’s hip to be Sq.[Sq. as in 02026].Just this
    morning had cup of blend with Bill Robinson,who
    was performing in front of the courthouse.

  4. Now I’m hungry for Big Al’s…anyone up for a road trip? Do you think if we drop in unannounced we’ll be welcomed with open arms?

    Hey, Martin — stay away from the Carey Mansion this weekend. I hear it’s haunted!

    And Kersey — watch out for any Blue Bunnies nipping at your toes! The square isn’t as bucolic as it was when we were young’uns!

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