Gadget gal? NOT!


Acer Aspire One AOD150-1044 10.1-Inch Sapphire Blue Netbook - 3 Cell BatteryI’m not what anyone could consider a gadget gal.  Other than my Kindle I pretty much stay well out of the path of oncoming technology.  Case in point — my cell phone is about five years old.  It has virtually no bells and whistles.  Which suits me perfectly.  I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that the old thing hangs on for another several years.  One of my father’s favorite mantras when I was growing up was that “the more features something has, the more likely it will break, and the more it will cost for you to fix it”.  

The thing is — I live with the absolute KING of gadgets.  When a new product emerges he usually has it within the first few days.   Typically he upgrades everything within six months (not his wife, fortunately.  I’ve been with him a looooooong time). 

Where exactly am I going with this story?   I’m starting to notice a change in my behavior.  A change that has me nervous.  I’m starting to want the stuff he is bringing home.  This week he picked up a new mini-laptop at work.  It’s lovely.  Really fabulous.  And I want it.  From a cost standpoint this is not a good thing.  Many of his electronic goodies are work related, company supported.  Me — I have no excuse, not even a marginal one, to support my hunger for upgrades. 

In my heart I want to remain a throwback from past generations.  Now I just have to convince my brain to stop coveting my husband’s material possessions!


5 thoughts on “Gadget gal? NOT!

  1. Not counting my COFFEEE maker,cricket box,
    and a few hours of TV. I could be Amish. I really
    am a small town boy!

  2. Mr. KERSEY, we’re only limited by the six inches of real estate located between our ears. I’ve often heard it said that the Amish are looking for a few good men ….

  3. But Kersey, can you bake? I’ve been most impressed with the quality of baked goods from Amish communities. They truly have a special touch when it comes to homemade breads, pies and cookes.

    Perhaps both you and Mr. GoodBoy can try your hand at turnovers….delish!!!

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