Tell me why I don’t like….


Yes, I know, I’m a day late with the whole Mother’s Day greeting.  But here’s the thing…I’m not a big fan of the Hallmark hoopla surrounding this much celebrated day.  Who needs the enormous pressure of trying to come up with something original/special to honor the person that brought you into this world?  Seriously…I adore my mother with my whole heart, but I’m not foolish enough to think that there is anything I can or ever will do that adequately expresses my love for her.  I’m not sure picking up a card that someone else created is the best way for me to pay homage to her.  It may sound trite but I think we do better when we worry about how we treat our family 365 days of the year and not simply on one particular Sunday in May. 

Okay, now for a wee confession.  I had a FABULOUS Mother’s Day.  Mass followed by a fabulous brunch at a local country club and then the highlight….my son’s flag football game.  We stood around in the cold (low fifties) cheering a bunch of first graders on as they whipped around the field.  At this age it is only about fun — no heated competition.  After the game wrapped we hit the local ballpark for Triple AAA minor league baseball action with the Rochester Red Wings.  We scarfed down popcorn and fried dough, and watched our team score copious runs. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. 

By the time we returned home we were too tired for dinner.  Solution?  Chocolate cake and Panda Paws ice cream!  YUMMY!  Yep, I may not be a fan of Mother’s Day but I had a fabulous day anyway.


5 thoughts on “Tell me why I don’t like….

  1. Sistah, so glad that you + your posse had such a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday ! Dontcha just love Triple AAA minor league baseball ? Can’t help but call to mind one of my all-time favorite flicks, BULL DURHAM. In fact, in many ways you have always reminded me of Kevin Costner’s leading lady in that movie, SUSAN SARANDON !

  2. Well, golly gee…that’s the first time anyone has ever suggested that I remind them of SS. It leaves me speechless….which is good considering that if I said anything I would probably need to censor myself.

    Off to read Huffington Post 🙂


  3. Oh, Mr. Kersey…do you remember his kooky wife Paula, who ditched him for the lead singer from INXS? That was a sad + sordid tale. One must wonder what kind of life he is living these days…


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