Friday on my Mind…


images[3]It’s been a fabu week here at Casa de Oberlies.  I love it when the weather is nice enough for us to play outdoors and this was a week where we took full advantage of the bright sunshine coupled with cool lake front breezes.  

Thumbs Up:  I received a wonderful email from a prominent review site member.  The individual took the time to say that she loved both of my books and was actually wondering about upcoming stories.  Seriously, these are the moments that etch a permanent smile on your face.  This wasn’t part of a review just a kind note…it really doesn’t get any better than that. 

Thumbs Down:  Ugh…Celtics…Bruins…Red Sox.  Last night we hit the trifecta.  All three of my hometown teams took one on the chin.  Sadly, for the Bruins and the Celtics it signified the end of the season.   The tears and beers will be flowing freely in Boston today. 

Thumbs Up:  Started the week off by attending a local AAA minor league baseball game.  I’m a bit of a fan freak when it comes to baseball.  Anyway, tonight I will be wrapping the kids and hubby up in extra layers to catch another Red Wings game.  By the time the fireworks begin (at the end of the game) a few of my friends will undoubtedly be sleeping (hubby and youngest son have a difficult time lasting a full nine innings).  The best part….this is my anniversary.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!  And, yes I’m being completely sincere, which horrifies my mother-in-law. 

Thumbs Up:  Spent a night out this week at the Lilac Festival.  The area where I reside is considered the Lilac Capital of the World and for ten days each May a huge festival celebrates the lilacs in bloom.  Food.  Music.  Games.  Pony Rides.  Oh, and did I mention fudge (yep, a delectable booth where they sell Penuci Fudge along with dozens of other flavors). 


Thumbs Up:  A local billionaire here in Western New York has decided to legally change his residency to Florida.  A huge philanthropist, he feels the more than 13,000 dollars/day he pays in NY State taxes could be better spent elsewhere.  This state is out-of-control and decisions such as this just might send a message to our politicians.  Fiscal responsibility is a must…or residents will be forced to relocate.

Sneaking out to water my newly planted azalea bushes.  We try, but gardening isn’t really our forte.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t kill the darn things (at least before fall).


2 thoughts on “Friday on my Mind…

  1. Before Bowie,there were the Easybeats!
    Lilacs and billionaires,perhaps a few old
    blue hares running about the Azaleas

  2. DO NOT despair young lady, one-half of Boston’s dynamic winter-time teams is still oozing life. Your Boston Celtics play the Orlando Magic, Game #7, Sunday night @ The Garden ! Wontcha please, KEEP HOPE ALIVE !

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