No retreat, baby, no surrender…

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No Retreat

Despite profound effort, I often find myself in full pit bull mode when it comes to the media.  I’ve been known to shoot off letters, call General Managers, engage in never ending email exchanges when I feel basic standards of honesty are not being met. 

As I browsed through various websites this morning I discovered (not to my horror) that the highly exalted Maureen Dowd of the NY Times was caught lifting material.  Since I’ve never been a fan girl of Dowd, neither her writing nor her larger than life personality wowed me, I wasn’t crying in my coffee over her plight.  However, it did represent for me another large question mark about who we should trust when it comes to news gathering and news reporting. 

In a strange twist I found myself at odds with a local news station for a report they covered this morning.  After two cups of coffee and a bout of uncontrollable twitching I finally blasted off an email…asking for clarification.  Since I’ve engaged in philosophical debates with this particular news group in the past I was convinced I would receive the big ole brush off.  Well, color me shocked when they actually conceded the point that they were not fully versed on the topic and would therefore cover the issue again tomorrow.  So, I’m tipping my hat to those folks at Channel 13 who didn’t nail the story the first time but are willing to do their homework and revisit it.

As Springsteen would say…no retreat, baby, no surrender.


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