Confession # 101…

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Sitting at a computer and attempting to write a story can be many things, but for the most part it’s not scary.  Intimidating, yes.  Scary, no.  At least that’s the view from my keyboard.

There are however many aspects of the industry that scare the beejeepers out of me.  Editors.  Reviewers.  Agents.  These individuals hold power which they can use for the purpose of good or evil (just kidding).  But seriously, it’s almost impossible not to hear horror stories about how cut-throat the publishing industry has become. 

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating….my personal experiences so far have been fantastic.  My editors, Tera (Samhain) and Stephanie (TWRP) were exceptionally patient, kind and knowledgeable.  Nothing SHREK like about either of them. 

Don’t get me started about how cool the reviewer that reached out to me was…thank you, Melissa.  Notice the trend?  I’ve been very lucky. 

Today, I had the chance to meet another amazing individual — Pam Hopkins from Hopkins Literary Associates.  During the past two years I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few literary agents.  While I thought they were professional, well informed and industrious — I never felt wowed.  This morning I had the WOW experience.  She was all the things you would hope for (professional, industrious, etc) and unbelievably down to earth.  Within ten minutes I knew that she would be my dream agent.  (The truth is landing an agent is just as hard as landing a publisher…maybe even harder).

Of course, now I want to write something worthy of submitting to her agency!!!!  Yeah, a new dream!


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