Three Wishes for Today…


Free Tooth Model

Hmm…this morning I’m heading off to the dentist.  Can you feel my excitement?  Few things in life bring me such joy as sitting in a reclining chair while a horrified dental professional looks at the mess my mouth has become.  It’s been a work in progress for many years…small mouth + bad genes = unholy disaster.  Today I will have my eighty-ninth root canal (only a slight exaggeration).  My wish is that the dentist survives unscathed.

My second wish for today is that one of my favorite visitors to this site finds relief from a nasty illness that has plagued him for over a week.  This individual has been sick as a dog and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a visit to a second physician today will bring positive results.  The germs circulating this year have been particularly harsh, so I’m sending healing/happy thoughts his way!!!

My third wish for today is that I accomplish something at the computer.  I’m hoping that if my dentist shoots me up with a sufficient amount of novacaine it might induce some creativity in my brain.  A state of loopiness might be just what I need to jump start my WIP. 

Wish me luck on my wishes….


2 thoughts on “Three Wishes for Today…

  1. Thanks, Kersey! Another visual that will help soothe me as I prepare for endless visits to the dentist. Crazy thing is (other than Dr Farb)….I’ve finally landed a dentist with a sense of humor. I thought they tried to weed that out in dental school 🙂


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