Risk Aversion…


When it comes to reading I have a tendency to revert to risk aversion behavior after one or two disappointing book purchases.  Right now I’m struggling with this affliction.  Typically I buy an average of 3 to 4 new books a week (whether on my Kindle or at Borders).  It’s probably been a solid two weeks since I’ve invested the time to even look at what’s out there. 

Instead, I am rolling through old stories that I’ve read dozens of times.  Why?  Because I know the payoff is there.  If a book is still sitting on a shelf in my home, I know it was at least a decent read.  Books that make me bang my head against the wall immediately end up in the trash or a donation bin.

Come to think of it, my last three purchases from Amazon were for other people.  Two highly recommended reads (which I am interested in) were selected for my mother.  I think of her as my beta reader.  If she gives a story a thumbs up then I figure it’s safe from major disappointment.  The other book was for my husband…but it will also be placed in my TBR pile if it meets his expectations.

Anyone have a great recent reading experience?  Something that you couldn’t put down?  If you read this post I would love for you to share…c’mon you can do it!!!


2 thoughts on “Risk Aversion…

  1. Just read a few chapters of The Road, by
    Cormac McCarthy.About half way into it A dark
    and raw tale of doom.Not a lite read,but it
    moves you right along.That and the Roche Bros

  2. Kersey,

    There was a point in my life where I could handle a dark read…even enjoy it to some extent. McCarthy’s work is so fierce I’m not sure I’d get through an entire novel without being traumatized. Sometimes seeing the Butterball Turkey ad in a Roche Bros. circular is enough to turn my stomach. I know what that says about me, and I’m deeply shamed.


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