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kid clipart happy girlToday is a good day!  A very good day.  After a seven day visit to Club Med (er…I mean the local hospital) one of my nearest and dearest finally got their discharge papers last night.   Can you hear my sigh of relief?  No matter what the reason a hospital stay is never a joy filled event.  People walk in and out of your room at all hours.  Even if you’re absolutely famished the food still isn’t worth eating.  EVER.  Chances are you’re dirty….(if this is just me, allow me to remain ignorant) because a shower involves more stamina than a hospital patient often has… and really do you want a stranger helping with your basic hygiene needs?  Eeeew 🙂

Overall, just a yucky-ducky experience.   So yippee!  I’m glad my friend is now home, resting comfortably.  In a few days he may be well enough to read my blog again!!!


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