Many Reasons to Smile…


Yesterday I received a fabulously kind review for, Ready to Take a Chance Again, from Tulip at Long and Short Reviews.  Here are a few things that she had to say about this story:


“Oberlies delivers an explosive plot, captivating and memorable characters, and a very healthy dose of passion. I started this book thinking I would read a couple of chapters before going to bed and I sat up until three in the morning finishing this beautiful romance…”

Click here to read her entire review:

Of course, that alone was enough to warm my heart and bring a smile to my face.  But wait it gets better.  Based on her review, Ready to Take a Chance Again, is now up for book of the week at LASR.  If you are interested you can cast your vote (for me or any of the top choices this week) at the link below:

Since begging is so unappealing I’m not going to mention how happy I would be to take top honors for the week!  Just kidding….VOTING ENDS THIS WEEKEND!  See no pressure.

Oh, tomorrow I’m going to be chatting over at Joyfully Reviewed from 3:00 – 4:00 EST.  I’ll post the link on Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Many Reasons to Smile…

  1. TERRY, I’m so glad that you’re receiving such notoriety + acclaim for some of your published works. You’ve worked so hard for so long + are truly deserving of the recognition + accolades being sent your way. CONGRAGULATIONS ! We’re all eagerly awaiting your next contribution ….

    • Goodboy…you are too darn nice! I’m having fun with it (most of the time). Now I just need to write more & write faster 🙂

      love and hugs,

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