Summer’s Coming…


No more pencils….
no more books…
No more teacher’s dirty looks!
Out for summer!
out till fall,
We might not come back at all…(Alice Cooper)

Summer’s Top Ten List 

  1. The Ice Cream Man — ding a ling –  @ 4:30 in the afternoon you will find my boys and me chasing down our neighborhood Ice Cream Truck.  So far we’ve had Strawberry Shortcake, Spiderman, Italian Ice and Sponge Bob popsicles.
  2. Visits to the Ocean – not to be confused with a lake, pond or puddle. Where I reside we have access to many different bodies of water…just not the ocean.  There’s a difference.  A big one. 
  3. Mini Golf – love that you get to pick your favorite color golf ball; I always try to snag cobalt blue.  So, keep  your paws off if you’re playing with me!
  4. Pasta Salad – I’m not a huge fan of cooking, so nothing beats the ability to make a huge container of pasta or potato salad that can be used to accompany a meal for several nights.  Yum Yum.
  5. Baseball games at night – when school is out we can take the kids to either minor or major league games without worrying about bedtime.
  6. Sleeping in Late – Not me, but the children.  It’s a true blessing letting them wake up when they want and not at 6:15 in the morning.  Yahoo!!!!
  7. Roasting marshmallows in the fire pit; no elaboration needed.
  8. Running through the sprinkler; already picked up a crazy new rotating one that shoots water about thirty feet into the air.  Our neighbors think we’re a bit daffy.
  9. Flip flops – Putting the winter boots away (which you can really only safely do between April and September in Western New York).  Crocs, sandals and flip flops mean the children don’t have to struggle with tying their laces.
  10. Kite flying – nothing better than flying kites on the beaches of Cape Cod.  If you haven’t had a chance to do this…put it on your list.  Seriously!  Bring a bottle of bubbles, as well.  It’ll put a smile on your face!!!

So, what am I missing?  Name a favorite thing you like to do….




8 thoughts on “Summer’s Coming…

  1. What are you missing, you ask ? How ’bout watching those two boyos of yours wrassling + hissy-fighting with their old favorite, ” UNCLE STINKY ” ?

  2. Not to scare you or anything, GoodBoy – but my youngest has become a fanatic about tackle football. So watch out…he goes directly for the knee caps 🙂


  3. Check out Mr Furnier on You Tube doing this
    school ending classic. Vinny is joined by the
    Muppet Monsters Ken Osmond was unable to lend
    a helping hand,but it still ROCKS..

  4. Kersey,

    I must confess, Cooper freaks me out. He was a bit before my time and whenever I watch video clips of his early 70’s antics I have to withhold my gag reaction. The outfits worn my his band remind me of the Mandrell sisters — not in a good way either 🙂


    • Okay, Kersey. Who has ever heard of the NY Dolls? Seriously, please conduct an informal poll. I need to know if I’m the only one who has been living under a rock for the past two decades 🙂


  5. Punk Pioneers since 1971,sadly frontman
    David Johansen sold out for a bit.As Buster
    Poindexter…Hot ..Hot..Hot…,but they are
    back !

  6. Kersey:

    Maybe they could team up with Barry Manilow who is currently out on tour. Together they would surely draw an interesting crowd.

    I think I missed my calling as a concert promoter.


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