Monday Meme…Uno, Dos, Tres!


I’m gearing up for a busy week. 

  1. The Good – first trip this summer to Cape Cod
  2. The Bad – my to do list includes cleaning the house, packing the suitcases, and meeting word count goals on my WIP
  3. The UGLY – teeth get pulled tomorrow

To get my mind off of the dentist (if that’s possible),  I thought I’d think about all sorts of things that make me smile!

Three TV Shows That I Love:  NCIS, Penguins of Madagascar, General Hospital

Three Favorite Foods:  Chocolate, Buttercream Frosting, Hot Veggie Wraps

Three Places that I Have Lived:  Sarasota, Philadelphia, Reston VA

Three Places I Have Vacationed:  Nassau, St. Thomas, Paris

Three Places I Want to Visit:  Venice, Nova Scotia, the locker room at Fenway Park (when everyone is fully dressed)

Three Movies I Love to Watch:  Midnight Run, On the Waterfront, Gaslight  (yes, I like older movies better than new releases)

Three Favorite Ice Cream Flavors:  Watermellon Sherbert, Cookies and Cream (hold the cream), Peppermint Stick

Okay, no more play time.  I must leave the house if I hope to avoid my cleaning list.  Fingers crossed I don’t lose any brain cells when my teeth get yanked!!!!


5 thoughts on “Monday Meme…Uno, Dos, Tres!

  1. That sounds muy yummy, Mr. Kersey! I wish I wasn’t feeling so lazy…because I would love to have something delish for dinner! Somehow Kraft Mac & Cheese doesn’t have the same zing:-)


  2. If as if any of you nice people cares, my turkey burger + carrots for dinner were just out of this world !

  3. GB…

    I love turkey burgers. Cooked carrots kind of bring forth a gag reaction but if they work for you then YAHOO!!!! Please put a cease and desist order out on the rain up there…I don’t want to be swimming at the beach with thunderous clouds overhead 🙂


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