Today is “D” Day….


Getting ready for my appointment with the dentist.  And, yes my stomach feels sick.  I’m trying to decide which of the canines above most closely resembles yours truly.  Please feel free to cast your vote in the comment section. 


6 thoughts on “Today is “D” Day….

  1. TERRy, your better half sent us a lovely picture of you catching some shut-eye. Hope you’re feeling better !

  2. Kersey (Fred, Don and Stanley)

    Guess what old TV Show came directly into my perscription addled brain? MY THREE SONS with Fred MacMurray, Don Grady and Stanley Livingston. It was years before my time but I so loved the old repeats. Uncle Charley rocked 🙂


  3. GB,

    My nearest and dearest can be a bit of a pill when it comes to snapping unflattering photos. Fortunately I have no memory of anything that happened from 12:50 until 3:00 this afternoon. General anaesthesia (my first time for a dental procedure) was rather lovely. Toodles…Hugs!


  4. It was quite a change to see Terry so docile. I am glad she is up and around and doing well. Better yet, I am glad Dr. Conrad Murray limits his practice to the West Coast. Happy chewing!!

    • Not only do I look like an elephant, but I have a memory like one too! So be careful my little Caregiver…because ‘the way you make me feel’ my haunt you later 🙂


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