A close up of my smile…


Actually, this post is simply to quell the rumor that the dentist accidentally pulled all of my teeth yesterday!   Although I escaped without a great deal of pain and anguish I am limited in what I can chew today.  Thank goodness….because this is aiding in my goal of dropping four pounds before I head to the beaches of Cape Cod this weekend.  The above smile, alas, is not mine but some poor soul with near perfect teeth.  I imagine (because I’m evil) that she is plagued by an extra toe on each foot.  🙂

Although I have contributed nothing to my word count since Monday, I did finish up the books Harlequin sent me as part of their reader panel (Harlequin rocks).  Both of these books were part of the Special Edition line and they were quite good (actually one was closer to excellent).  I just sent off my feedback — hoping that more books arrive on my doorstep quickly.

Off to pack suitcases…I might check back before departing on a mini vacation tomorrow!  It gives me a good excuse to ignore housework.  Hugs!


2 thoughts on “A close up of my smile…

  1. Kersey,

    I’m officially in mourning this evening. I adored Karl Malden…as I indicated earlier this week,”On the Waterfront” is one of my favorite films. He was a true legend!!!


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