There are places I remember…


Seagull Beach

“There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain”  The Beatles 

I returned home from Cape Cod last night.  After unloading the car (we don’t pack lightly – just ask any member of my family), I collapsed on the couch.  A touch of melancholy set in.  It’s always hard leaving.  The beach (Seagull Beach, in particular) is my special place.  During every cycle of my life it has been an escape.  Skipping rocks. Flying kites. Hanging out watching people fish or dig for clams.  Swimming during low tide where you can walk out fifty feet into the water.  Every summer since I first learned to crawl I’ve kicked up sand on those same dunes. 

During our last evening there the boys combed the beach with their metal detector.  Of course, they only found the things my husband secretly planted.  It was good.  The past and present colliding.  

Later when the kids were settled back at the cottage I took my final fun walk with my brother.  Back to the beach we trekked…a slight salty breeze tickled our faces as we caught up on each other’s lives.  It was good. 

At the end of the month I’ll return to Seagull Beach for another visit.  Next year I hope to do the same.  It’s been my past and my present.  Fingers crossed, it will be my future.


2 thoughts on “There are places I remember…

  1. Wow. TERRY, of course I’ll be sure to share this w/ YO MAMA but when she reads it, I think it’s best that I leave the room ….

  2. Hi GoodBoy!

    I have some pictures I need to download of Seagull Beach at dusk. Hopefully, I’ll post them in the next day or two!


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