Roller Coaster…


I think I need to invest in a case of Mylanta.  My life has been something of a roller coaster these past few days,  a series of highs and lows.  Tuesday brought a slew of medical news…some great, some uncertain, some heartbreaking.  My brother is doing fabulous after a very difficult June.  He’s been working hard (really, really hard) and his efforts are paying off.  Yippee skippy, young man!

Another family member (she’s 102) had an unusual Tuesday.  Based on her age we weren’t sure how things would turn out….by Wednesday she was back to her normal self.  Holy guacamole, does she have a great gene pool!

The sad news I’ll save for another day.  It involves an extended family member who likes their privacy.  So I’ll just keep them in my prayers every day, because sometimes that’s all we can do. 

Hmm…I hear whispering in my ear.  I promised my boys a trip to Game Stop…this will be an up and down adventure as well.  I’ll stand by patiently (or not so patiently for an hour) while they scour each aisle.  In the end it will be worth it because they’ll smile the whole way home with whatever game they decided to purchase. 



6 thoughts on “Roller Coaster…

  1. The Ohio Player’s was the first to pop,but then…
    the good times roared with the sound of the Paragon Park
    rollercoaster! Click on You-Tube..Paragon Park Memories.
    I think that’s me on the Carousel. The O.P.’S should have
    been the musical background,,The Plain White T’s………..

  2. Those were the days my friend…we thought they’d never end! Paragaon Park, the best kind of blast from the past. What’s there now, Kersey? I never reached the height needed to ride the rollercoaster 😦

    If I remember correctly my favorite ride was the Galaxy!!!! Off to check out your YOU TUBE recommendation.


  3. Ah, PARAGON PARK …. What memories ! Does anyone out there remember The MARSHFIELD FAIR ? What great times !

  4. Hmmm…don’t tell me the Marshfield Fair is also a thing of the past! I think I need to research via Google. I’m going to grab a box of tissues just in case the news is unsavory!!!


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