Falling Down on the Job…


I’ve been a bit of a grump this week.  Simply ask any member of my family and they’ll undoubtedly back up this assertion.  Early last week (you’ll probably remember becasue I think I moaned and groaned about it) I had several teeth extracted.  Although I suffered no immediate unbearable pain…I’ve been extremely uncomfortable ever since the procedure.   My phobia of drugs precludes me from indulging in the Vicodin my Endodontist prescribed.  Frankly, I think my TMJ was aggravated last week and I need to just deal with the discomfort for a few more days/weeks.

But here’s the good news…I had a huge pick-me-up the other day in the form of a lovely email from a woman who had just completed, Ready to Take a Chance Again.  It seriously gave me a reason to smile when my mouth felt like the site of a small explosion.   So, thanks again ‘L’ for your wonderfully kind words.  It really hit the spot this week!!!

Hmmm…one of the things I haven’t engaged in often in terms of writing is entering the many RWA chapter contests that take place throughout the year.  After chewing all my nails I entered the New England chapter’s published contest last winter…and was shocked to place third.  Well, after pulling out most of my hair I entered New Jersey’s contest last month.  This is another biggie, so I have no delusions that I will be fortunate enough to land in the top three.  But at least I’ll have tried.  Right now I’m plotting how to attend their conference in October.  It’s been on my wish list since 2006…so this might be the year!  If September rolls around and I haven’t mentioned that I in fact signed up please chastise me in the comment section.


6 thoughts on “Falling Down on the Job…

  1. Listen doll, we understand that you’re in pain + don’t feel well but what do we look like, your appointment/scheduling secretaries ? If you want to go to this conference, or not, make the damn decision + stick to it ! CAPICHE ?

  2. Ouch! I think we might need to drop off the Good from Mr. GoodBoy! It sounds like you just watched Goodfellas on DVD. Capiche?

    Hi Kersey!!! Hope you are having a happy day 🙂


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