Frog-o-sphere meet my blog-o-sphere…


Regular readers of this space know that I own three rather boisterous dogs.  Despite repeated requests, I have shied away from adding to our home’s pet population.  My boys have asked for turtles, cats, hamsters, and even a ferret. Since most maintenance matters fall squarely in my lap I’ve been hesitant to take the plunge. 

Well, this weekend we welcomed two mini-aquatic frogs into our family.  Brookstone now offers a self-contained and self-cleaning ecosystem with two African dwarf frogs, a snail, and a bamboo plant.  It’s very cool…you only have to feed them twice a week.  And the biggest bonus…the snail acts as the janitor and cleans the aquarium while feeding itself. 

The Frog-o-sphere (which was a birthday gift to my son from his grandparents) is silent, with the bamboo plant providing oxygen naturally.  

Oh, another cool thing – Brookstone offers different color gravel options.  Although the picture above shows blue gravel, our tank has bright red stones (a nice match for our living room décor).  NOT THAT I WAS CONCERNED ABOUT COLOR COORDINATION!!!!! 

Anyway, this is a very nice addition to our family.  If you know of someone who is looking for companionship have them check out this fabulous new offering.   It beats the classified ads 🙂


6 thoughts on “Frog-o-sphere meet my blog-o-sphere…

  1. This afternoon I saw a frog on the roof as I was taking down some broom sticks some witch had left up there !

    • I am glad the broomsticks are gone. I was afraid the house may be haunted. Broomsticks and frogs, is this really the blog of a romance novelist?

  2. Thank the heavens that those broomsticks are gone…I thought that they might have been some sort of coded message for airplanes flying overhead.

    Oh, my Martin! Romance novels are very inclusive. I think I’ll ship you a box of my favorites…you’ll be amazed at the various themes and settings! I might find a way to include a frog in my current WIP.


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