Write What You Know….


Still chugging along with my current WIP.  Summer is tough– between lessons, outdoor activity and late bedtimes — writing often falls through the cracks.  This week I did have a chance to meet with my small critique group.  After helping each other with some writing hurdles we talked about themes we’d like to tackle for our next story.  I admit – I was jealous.  Loved what they were plotting out.  At that point I had nothing in my head.  Now, you probably know where I’m heading with this.  Even though I’m nowhere near done with my current manuscript, I’m suddenly desperate for inspiration.  Then it hit me.  My husband just started watching this ‘different’ show on A&E.  TATTOO HIGHWAY.  After two episodes I admit to being hooked.  Now I’m not at all familiar with the lifestyle but I do think that crafting a story around tattoo artists who travel around in a ‘pimped out’ bus would be pretty interesting.  I wouldn’t be able to write what I know…because in this case I know nothing.  But the show did plant a seed in my brain.  Maybe…just maybe I can use it as inspiration for my next story.

This ties into one my favorite summer indulgences.  I don’t have any tattoos.  At times in my life I’ve wanted one, but I’ve never followed through.  However, during the summer I purchase fun tattoos at my local store.  My children pick out SpongeBob and I pick out animals/flowers/symbols.  About once a week we change out our look…it’s fun, safe, and temporary!!!!  Hey, if Barbie can get away with it, anyone can!


7 thoughts on “Write What You Know….

  1. Oh, my. Are you going through some sort of mid-life crisis ? You’ve gone from BARRY MANILOW to JESSE JAMES in the blink of an eye ! What’s up with that ?

  2. I like to think of myself as diverse. Before I hopped on the lawn tractor the other day I painted my toenails purple…I wanted them to dry in the wind as I boogied around the yard. On my IPOD as I walked yesterday? Bobby Darin. Kid Rock. Toby Keith. Martina McBride. All over the board…I tell you. All over the board!!!


    • Mr. Goodboy – Congratulations!! I think you should wave down Jessie James & his bus, and to commemorate your significant strides in eating and living well,decorate your body with a symbolic “tat” of your accomplishments. Now the challenge becomes, what should the tat be? Where should it be? Suggestions are welcome. DD

  3. DIET DORK, thank you for your kind words. Perhaps I’ll take your suggestion under advisement. There is a cute little tat shop not far from CAMP NONNIE’S …. Can you say “buddy system” ?

  4. Mr. Goodboy – I will save a spot for my favorite brother-in-law. Which b-i-l and which spot is your guess. DD

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