Summer days driftin’ away….

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Cape Cod July 2009 203

Returned home after eight days on the Cape…so, yeah, I’m feeling a touch out of sorts.  We had fun…loads and loads of fun.  It was likely our last trip to the ocean this summer which makes this chick a little blue.  At heart I’m a beach girl.  Specifically a Cape Cod beach girl.  We swam, walked almost four miles a day, played many rounds of miniature golf, rode go-carts, ate endless cups of homemade ice cream, played with cousins & nieces, got henna tattoos (lovin’ mine to death), drank mind blowingly delicious tropical drinks, attended a magical wedding on a bluff overlooking the bay in Chatham (danced outdoors under a tent for hours), kicked back each night and watched the Red Sox at my mom’s cottage, ate fresh seafood from one of the best spots in Yarmouth, played wiffle ball in the back yard until my calves ached….

And then there was a moment I’ll always remember.  Hundreds of mourners lined the streets to honor the memory of a fallen Marine Corporal.  It was heartbreaking.  It was inspiring.  An entire community (that I’ve been a part of each summer every year of my life) came together to honor a young man who lost his life in Afghanistan.  It was a painful reminder of the sacrifices men and women are making every day for our country.  Twenty-one year old Nicholas Xiarhos gave his life…I’m not sure I can even take that in.  I felt honored  to be with my family amongst the crowd gathered along Route 28 paying homage to his memory.   I didn’t know Nicholas but I’m certain I will never forget him. 

Photo: Cape Cod Times/Steve Heaslip


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