Making Progress on My WIP…

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(Psst…I cheated when I created this word counter.  My manuscript goal is closer to 60,000…but somehow I feel better thinking I’m closer to the end.)

I mentioned several weeks back that I made the painful decision to pull the plug on a completed manuscript!  Gulp!!!  That still stings a little.  I liked pieces of the story but overall it was missing something.  Something big.  So, I opened a fresh new Word document and started over.  Same character names.  Same setting.  Different conflict.  The good news = I think the writing is stronger.  I say ‘think’ because I’m a really BAD judge of my own writing.  Some people can spot their own flaws a mile away….I’m not so talented 😦

The bad news = Summer.  My days are completely unstructured.  Between vacation trips, fun with the kids, lessons, and plain old living I’m moving at a sloshy pace.  Last night I hit eighty pages — not exactly where I wanted to be at this point.   As the characters continue to develop in my head I started to create a mental laundry list of things I would not want to see in any hero.  Here are just three of my pet peeves:


There is no excuse for bad shoe choices if you are of legal age.  It’s not hip if you’re a guy to wear shoes that remind a woman of what her mother used to wear in the 1970’s or what some goofy sports figure is wearing to the clubs in Miami. ICK!


2: Obsessive concern with their appearance.  Any man that spends more time and money at a salon than the woman in his life leaves me giggling.  Sure, being clean and well groomed is essential.  But going for a weekly mani/pedi leaves me in search of a barf bag.

3.  Men who can’t find their wallets.  Enough said!


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