Well life on the farm is kinda laid back…


Cows are cute!  Who knew?  I spent much of yesterday at a fantastic dairy farm in Western New York.  And let me tell you these chicks have personality.  As upwards of eight-hundred people (attending a picnic for a very worthy charity) trudged through mud and manure (eew 🙂 )the resident cows stopped in their tracks to check us out.  Clearly we were disturbing their tranquil afternoon and they weren’t exactly overjoyed.  But being well mannered farm animals they refrained from snorting, spitting grass or kicking droppings our way.  It was really an amazing afternoon.  Since I’m not exactly a country girl I was far from educated on the advanced technology that goes into milking cows in the twenty-first century.  Seriously cool. 

Now I’m desperately trying to come up with the framework for a future story set in a similar backdrop.   Hee Haw…what fun!!!!


2 thoughts on “Well life on the farm is kinda laid back…

  1. Love the way you think, Kersey! Now I’m hungry — and the only Oreos I have in the house have chocolate middles (which are not quiet as good as the original)….Hugs!

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