Monday’s mishmash….


The heat has finally reached Western NY.  Frankly, I’m not a fan of 90 degree weather…although I know many around me adore the sweltering heat. I wilt and trust me, it’s not a pretty picture.

 Summer is coming to a close much too quickly.  Tomorrow we leave on our final vacation before school resumes.  Four days in Toronto — three Red Sox games!!!!  (Here’s a picture of the scoreboard from our last visit to Toronto.)  It’s a beautiful city, with countless places to visit and dozens of fabulous restaurants.  Since I’m a food-a-holic, it fits nicely with my needs.


8.10.2209 Misc 151

Having suffered some recent computer woes, I’ve decided not to fret over my lack of writing progress.  The next two weeks will be stuffed to the brim with activity — trying to enjoy every bit of summer with my boys.  It comes and goes way too quickly.  I’m the one that cries the most when school returns in September 😦   I’ve actually been going through files trying to pick my favorite pictures from this summer to have printed and enlarged.  It always gives me something to smile about when I’m trudging through a foot of snow in January.  (Here is one from our most recent trip to Cape Cod.)

8.10.2209 Misc 120

Last Thursday I let my seven year old pick out the paint color for his room.  After much debate we’ve decided to let the boys share a room for the time being.  They’ve always had their own space — so we’ll see how this works out.  As the youngest in a family of six children I always shared space with one of my sisters….and I loved it!!!!  BTW he picked out an awesome green color which looks kind of cool.  I spent much of Friday painting and rearranging furniture.  This is something I do way too frequently.  Every room in my house is a different color.  Fortunately my husband just shrugs his shoulders and smiles.  He is mega tolerant when it comes to my painting preferences. 

Laundry time.  I have chores galore to complete before tomorrow’s departure!!!! Hugs for now!


4 thoughts on “Monday’s mishmash….

  1. TERRY, I seem to recall from last year a much bally-hooed proposal to stage a family reunion up in Toronto, Oh-Canada this summer. What happened ? And who’s to blame ?

  2. Well, my flyover friends decided to head south not north — which forced me to buy an extra box of tissues!!! And some other peeps are just too directionally challenged to make it all the way to Toronto…What say you, Gus? Perhaps a trip next year, eh?


  3. Well TERRY, funny you ask. One of my nephews from the Northern hinterlands shall be making his First Holy Communion sometime next spring. Invited or not, I do plan on being there !

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