Back from hiatus….





Right now I’m staring at an evil pile of dirty laundry – stacked almost to the ceiling in my bedroom.  Yesterday we returned from our last vacation of the summer (I mean that this time) and I’ve yet to find my way to the laundry room.  I’m sick of clothes, clean or dirty.  This happens every August and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the phase of the moon, how much chocolate I’ve consumed, and when I’m expecting visitors to my home. 

Toronto was lovely…beautiful city, friendly people, and my beloved Red Sox managed to pull off a sweep of the Blue Jays (DO NOT MENTION LAST NIGHT’S DEBACLE AGAINST THE YANKEES).  Although I could blabber on ad nauseam about what we did, where we ate, etc…I will share only two of my favorite moments.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I download them from my camera.

Red Sox World Champions of BaseballAs my family returned to our hotel after Wednesday night’s game (dressed in our Red Sox jerseys and hats) a man and his young son approached us near the elevator bank.  In an unusual display of luck they walked away with two game balls that evening – one from a Kevin Youkilis strikeout and another from a David Ortiz homerun.  Out of the blue these Toronto Blue Jays fans asked if we would like to have the Ortiz homerun ball as a souvenir.  Seriously…our mouths dropped open like a school of bass.  It was kind, sweet, and completely unexpected.  My little guys stayed up for hours that night talking about how cool it was to take home a ball that David Ortiz whacked out of the park.  The kindness of strangers really leaves a strong impression – especially with children.  Thank you! 

On our final full day in Toronto we were again overwhelmed by a generous stranger.  As we stood in the lobby around midmorning, trying to decide how to spend the next few hours, a lovely woman approached and offered us her special city passes that she was unable to use. These passes would allow access to numerous attractions (Toronto Zoo, CN Tower, etc) in the area.  How sweet is that?  

So, now I’m home with my dirty clothes wondering when my family can slip away again.   Toronto in the fall sounds nice, eh?


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