Oops, forgot to post pictures….


Hmm, this week passed by in a blur.  Spent 3 hours 50 minutes in the dentist’s chair on Thursday.  Fortunately, the man has a darn good sense of humor or I would’ve been out of my mind after the first fifteen minutes.  Getting anxious about the end of summer — dreading the back to school stuff, which begins with some small activities this week!!!

Oh, oh, oh…before I foget.  Guess what arrived in the mail this week?  My author copies of “The Catcher and the Lie”.  They are lovely…smooth and glossy with my name in bold print!  Yippee skippy – I stared at them for close to an hour.  Mark your calendars now.  This story will be released in print from Samhain beginning September 1st.  You can reserve a copy from Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.

I picked just a couple of pictures to share from my earlier trip to Toronto.  Take a look and tell me this isn’t a city you would love to visit 🙂

Toronto August 2009 020Toronto August 2009 042Toronto August 2009 052

Check back here in the next day or two for a link to where you can purchase a print copy of my book!!!


6 thoughts on “Oops, forgot to post pictures….

  1. TERRY, the pictures of your men-folk riding in the swan bring back memories of cruising in the Duck boats on the Boston Common …. Ah, those were the days my friend ….

    • Funny – it was because the Swan Boat reminded me of Boston that I made my boys take a ride. I wanted to have a picture to hang on my wall next to a print of Boston Public Garden. I, of course, kept my feet planted firmly on the ground 🙂


  2. I remember swan boats in the common my young friend. The duck boats came later in life and roamed the streets and Charles river.We are all anxiously waiting for Tuesday and the first prints available to the public of “The Catcher and the Lie”.

    Mr. Riggs

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