The Catcher and the Lie — Print Release *

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ISBN: 978-1-60504-406-4
Length: 208 Pages
Publication Date: September 1, 2009
Cover art by Angela Waters

One player works extra innings to make Abby break her own rules about love.

After a year of personal and professional upheaval Nick Valente is in the market for redemption, not temptation. Getting involved with any woman, especially smart-mouthed Abby McCabe, is simply not in this player’s game plan.

Experience, mostly bad, has convinced Abby McCabe that she has a special gift for finding men who can’t help falling out of love with her. Getting close to a man, especially one who plays the field professionally, is sure to add another loss to her emotional score sheet.

As summer heats up an unexpected spark turns into a flame. But fear of getting burned winds up putting two strikes in their relationship. With Nick on the bench, it’s up to Abby to turn the game around. Trusting this man with her heart could deliver the biggest save of her life—or the biggest error she ever made.

Will they strike out or end up with a homerun?

This is my debut (award winning) novel.  I found out I can say that because it placed 3rd in short contemporary  in New England’s Bean Pot Published Author contest.  Yeah, yeah…it sounds a little pushy.  I know.  But if it will convince even one person to buy my book I figure it’s worth the shameless promoting!!!     You can pick up a copy today by clicking on either of the links below!!!!


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