You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby…


Just about one year ago my family expanded.  It wasn’t a planned event, but it was a welcome one.  An impromptu visit to our local Humane Society resulted in our adoption of a stray puppy.  Although my husband and I had felt comfortable with two dogs, we were hesitant to bring that number to three.  Logistics – feeding, vet care, entertaining – all weighed heavy in our minds.  After ten minutes of contemplation, emotion won out and we filled out paperwork asking to be considered adoptive parents of an adorable five month old Beagle/Walker mix.

Almost immediately I recognized that this dog would be different.  He didn’t actually seek out our attention and honestly, didn’t seem to want it.  He mixed with our dogs (who were subjected to a meet & greet to determine compatibility) but kept a distance from anything on two legs.  He’d been abused.  Scars along his neck and small bits of information, revealed that Bailey had been left in a choke collar, outdoors, in good weather and in bad weather.  There was a very good reason he shunned our affection.  

In the months following we discovered that Bailey wasn’t big on barking (almost never – which is hard to believe of a beagle).  Although not an angry dog, he clearly held his own with his step-siblings (a border collie and a bassett hound).  No one was going to bully him.  Been there, done that!!!

This summer I realized something changed.  Bailey, out of the blue, had blossomed into an affectionate dog.  The last one to go outside, because he wanted an extra hug.  The first one to jump up and kiss my cheek in the morning.  And today he actually barked at the dog next door.  It wasn’t a loud sound but it was darn sweet!!!  My little baby is turning into a fine young man!Tim Party & 1st School Day 069


4 thoughts on “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby…

    • Hi Kersey! Yeah – he’s definitely had a change in attitude. The funny thing is usually hanging around my house doesn’t mean a swing in the positive direction 🙂 Have a great holiday weekend! I’ll be in mourning; bracing myself for back to school!!!


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