Current Mood…Anxious!!!

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Back to school blues are hitting hard today.  As I waffle between depression and anxiety over the start of a new school year tomorrow, my boys have expressed virtually no emotion.  Other than an occasional snort, they seem rather unmoved.  

Last week I found myself smiling and nodding my head as parents rejoiced that summer was coming to a close.  Hmmm…in reality I couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm.  Sure I want them to learn and grow, and spend time with their peers.  I just don’t love the time they’re away from me.  I worry way too much about the little things.  And the big things.  And the nonexistent things that exist only in the small cracks within my head. 

I’ll fake it tomorrow as we gather in the gym with my kindergartener and second grader.  Yes, I’ll smile and say all the expected niceties.  Then I’ll get back in my car and cry.  As surely as the sun rises, I’ll drive home with a blotchy red face.  

It’s all good, though.   Today I had the forethought to buy a large package of Snickers miniatures.  So now I’ll have puffy eyes and chocolate breath!  Lovely!!!!


One thought on “Current Mood…Anxious!!!

  1. TERRY, as that anxiety from this morning fades to relief, why not pack up the boyos + head over to the go – cart track ! I’m sure everyone could use a good chuckle right about now, heh ?

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