Didn’t see that coming…


Back to school!  Well, I’m surprised and happy to report that my boys are adjusting well.  It’s really only their mother who has suffered heartburn.  So far the biggest complaint has been about the contents of their lunch boxes.  Son #2 pretty much skips everything (sandwich, fruit, crackers) in favor of Goldfish.  Each morning I’ve been changing his choices but we haven’t really scored a winner yet.  Of course my oldest eats whatever I pack for him, but provides detailed feedback at the end of the day. Somehow hearing my sandwich was too cold doesn’t move me as much as he thinks it will.  Since I’m not running a restaurant, I’m guessing they will need to learn how to survive when everything isn’t exactly the way they want it!!!  Tough love. LOL.

On a very different note, I must confess to being SHOCKED at the news that Quartet Press is closing their doors before they ever really opened.  After a great deal of positive buzz over the summer the key players have apparently decided that this venture was not financially viable at this time.  Hmm…a lot of people must be shaking their heads over this one.  Check out Dear Author or Smart Bitches if you are interested in hearing some reaction to yesterday’s bombshell announcement.

Boston Red Sox Mlb Mr. Potato Head Doll New Gift ToysThe end of the season is fast approaching and frankly things are not looking good for the gang from Fenway Park.  They boys lack magic this year and I simply can’t see them doing anything in October.  Although there is always a great deal of hype surrounding how savvy the suits behind the Sox are, I’m not gulping that glass of Kool Aid.  Maybe I’m wrong (heaven knows that would not be unusual).  Check back in a few weeks when post season play kicks off 🙂


2 thoughts on “Didn’t see that coming…

  1. TERRY, don’t you worry your sweet little buns about the boyos + their school box lunches. If they’re not happy, or liking them, they’ll trade/barter them w/ some other malcontent. Or, they’ll go hungry ….

    • Too funny! Believe it or not they have never swapped anything. Because of allergies (some pretty severe) most schools don’t allow any sharing/swapping.

      Today, they both consumed most of their lunches — so it seems they’re adjusting over time.


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