What’s up with that?


Today is the one week mark since my children returned to school.  It also marks a seven day slide into junk food heaven for yours truly.  I used to enjoy alone time…but right now not so much.  From the moment I drop them off until the moment I pick them up, I’m inhaling snacks.  Super suction vacuum style.  It’s not good.  And it must stop.  TOMORROW!  (I’ve already attacked the cookie jar today 🙂

Speaking of snacks, if you happen to spy Town House Flip Sides Pretzel Crackers (Garlic Herb) at your local grocery store I strongly suggest you give them a try.  Frankly they don’t look or sound appetizing (my five year old picked them out initially) but they’re darn good.  I’ve granted them my official seal of approval.  Yum.  Yum.

Speaking of treats, if you have a minute click over to the Rochester Romance Examiner to read Deb Diez’s  recent Q&A.  You can learn tidbits about me that you never knew and probably never wanted to know 🙂


As I’ve reported here in the past, summer is a difficult time for me personally when it comes to writing.  In fact it occurred to me recently that autumn is the season where I tend to accomplish the most.  Crisp weather.  Leaves changing color.  Football.  Spiced cider.  Hay rides.  For some reason my mind moves along at a faster clip.  Plotting comes easier and my focus is much more intense.  Of course, I hope this proves to be the case again this year.  Time to shut down the internet.  Catch you later!!!


4 thoughts on “What’s up with that?

    • Oh, stink-a-docious! I loved Fred Cusick…and hadn’t heard the news of his passing. He was certainly part of the magic years for the Bruins (I’m not going to discuss DS).

      The death of Patrick Swayze was also a downer for me. I think he handled himself with a great deal more class than many of his peers in Hollywood. Hmm…I’m off to see if I can find Dirty Dancing playing on TNT!!!


  1. TERRY, can you guess which of your in-laws is none too thrilled and objects vociferously when their significant other wishes to watch re-runs of PATRICK SWAYZE in the cult favorite ” ROADHOUSE ” ?

    • OMG, is that a trick question? If it’s who I think it is – I say good for her. I kind of feel that way about Goodfellas. Dan and I watched it in the theater twice in one weekend. I NEVER want to watch it on TV 🙂 NEVER EVER!!!


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