Requiescat in pace…


Cape Cod July 2009 213

When those we love go away they never truly leave us.  Five years ago today my father passed away.  Every detail of that day has stayed with me.  It has brought comfort and it has brought tears.  Together as a family we held on to my father that morning – touched his hand, prayed by his side, and reassured him that it was okay.  He would be okay and somehow we would, too. 

Some days it’s been a struggle. My heart still aches the same way it did on September 17, 2004.  Milestones in my life are different without his physical presence. He was a good man – a real good man.  And the world was a better one with him in it. 

But he is still here. He lives on in my heart and in my writing.  He lives on in my memories.  He lives on through his grandchildren – gestures, spontaneous puns, thick hair with bothersome cowlicks.  In countless ways he is with me every day.  

Today I remember my father’s death.  Every day I remember my father’s life.


2 thoughts on “Requiescat in pace…

    • Hi GOODBOY! Tough to find the right words…I’m not sure I can adequately express the emotion then or now. It still feels fresh, which is both a blessing and a challenge on a day like today.

      love and hugs,

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