Who’s the Boss?


Darkness on the Edge of Town - album cover

Springsteen turns 60 today.  Great googly moogly!  I confess…I liked Bruce back in the day.  I was much younger and he was much cooler.  At least I thought so.  Something happened right around the time he released Nebraska.  Our friendship parted ways.  He became a little too political and I became a little ambivalent.

See I’m one of those individuals who really, really doesn’t want to read/listen to a diatribe when I’m seeking entertainment.  Performers, artists, writers, celebrity figures in general have every right to express their personal feelings about politics and the world around them.  It just makes me squirm….especially when it is presented in a preachy (I’m right just listen to me) kind of way. 

Now when I hear a classic Springsteen tune I have to tune out all the extra crapola that his name conjures up.  Although I have a lot of opinions (a real lot just ask my family) I try to keep them out of my writing.  Honestly, who cares what I think?  (Don’t answer that in the comment section 🙂  There are boundaries to being authentic.  A time and a place.

Oh, darn!  I think I’m preaching.  Off to find my beat up Darkness on the Edge of Town cd.  Those were the days….


7 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss?

    • Ooops…I thought he was deceased. Seriously! And I usually stay well informed on these things. Hmmm…now that I know he is alive, I’m wondering why I thought he was a heck of a lot older than 89. I think I need a stronger cup of coffee 🙂


    • Never saw the movie…but I remember the commercials for it playing over and over and over…to the point that I felt like I did see the movie. Weird, huh?


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