Moving on….Not me!


For the past six months there’s been a virus running rampant through my neighborhood.  The get up and move bug has been out of control.  For Sale signs litter the front lawns up and down the street.  People are leaving at an alarming rate — and yes, it seems they’re trying to distance themselves from yours truly (just kidding – although this would be entirely understandable). 

Of course, I’ve started scanning the real estate listings to see if I need to hop on the upgrading train.  My husband thinks I’m slightly neurotic.  Every day I create a new plan.  More land.  Let’s go country!  Fortunately my practical side realizes moving a few towns closer to cow country would mean an extended commute for the family.   Waterfront property.  Nearby canals offer a beautiful backdrop for homes.  Of course, I’d worry myself sick over the kids and the dogs if we actually lived near the water. 

The truth is…I like where I live.  Our neighborhood is close to everything.  My home is probably the right size for my family — neither tiny nor huge.  Honestly, more square footage would mean more cleaning, which is not high on my priority list. 

So, I’m stepping away from a new house search and turning my attention back to HGTV.  Living vicariously through others is less stressful and more economical anyway!


14 thoughts on “Moving on….Not me!

  1. Mr. RIGGS, TERRY, there’s a nice trailer park on the beach just past The FAIRVIEW Restaurant @ the end of Rte. 139 in the Brant Rock section of MARGARITAVILLE ! Helicopters optional ….

  2. I’ve got a double sawbuck that your better half owes me for our wager on his new chariot. Like taking candy from a child …. I’d like to let it ride, doubling down, that you guys will be in new digs by Thanksgiving, 2010. What say you ?

  3. Hey GB! I heard a rumor that some of my nearest and dearest were spotted checking out cribs in 02492! We need ’em to stay right where they are!!! Capisce?


  4. TERRY, NONNIE + I have come to the conclusion that “The Stove” was THE BEST present ever ! Handy, too. Not only is it keeping Yo MAMA toasty right now, it’s also thawing tonight’s supper, Chickie Wickie ! How DID you come up w/ such a wonderful gift idea ?

    • GB..we picked up a second one this week! We do everything in moderation here 🙂

      Please pat yourself on the back since I’m not there to do it…Hip Hip Hooray!


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