Impulse Shopping…

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Are you a compulsive shopper?  If not, you probably know of someone that hits the mall early and often collecting obscene amounts of material goods.  For the most part my purchasing habits are measured and predictable.  This is a good thing.  But when the urge hits — I fall victim to impulse shopping.    A few weeks back my husband and I got the urge to move.  So, we started looking at local real estate.  We’re the same couple who purchased four different homes in seven years.  Very impulsive!!!  This time we talked ourselves off of the cliff.  No snap decisions.  No desperate calls to our realtor saying we ‘have to get this property’. 

We walked away, patted ourselves on the back and then started buying little things.  Yeah, we absolutely needed a second electric fireplace.  The one we found last year is great but it doesn’t have a wood mantle.  Hmmm…now we have two electric fireplaces and a traditional woodburning one.  I’m predicting that my house will be quite toasty this winter.

Hmm…same day we picked up a new kitchen set.  I wanted something smaller – pub style that would be suitable to cozy dining.  If you could see my basement you would be horrified.  Really!  We now have two discarded kitchen sets.  They’re worn and should probably be taken to the curb but I haven’t been able to convince my husband to kiss them goodbye.  Ugh!!!! They share space with a futon, three coffee tables, a queen bed, a crib, lamps, rugs…You get the picture.

Last night I put a mental kabosh on adding any new furniture items to my home.  However —- I’m considering taking on a rather laborious home improvement project.  Restaining my kitchen cabinets.  I broke the news to my husband over breakfast.  His reaction?  Let’s just say he was stunned and slightly scared!!!!  I’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “Impulse Shopping…

  1. In light of recent developments, is there anything you’d like to share ? Perhaps an update, or maybe an explanation, or clarification ?

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