Like really, dude…enough is enough!


By now I’m sure everyone is familiar with a recent phone survey conducted by Marist College soliciting feedback on the most annoying word or phrase overused in conversation today. Part of this was prompted by the ridicule piled upon Caroline Kennedy last summer for her use of one phrase 142 times in a NY Times interview (you know).  In case you missed it, the top vote getters in Marist’s survey were:

  •   Whatever
  •   You know
  •   Anyway
  •   It is what it is
  •   At the end of the day 

I’m a little sad that ‘so to speak’ didn’t make the top five!

Quite honestly there are a heap of phrases blasting me in the face every day that are far more annoying than those listed above.  Please tell me you aren’t sick of hearing:

  •     Health Care Reform (I’m not editorializing here, I’m just tired of the media assault)
  •     Jon Gosselin
  •     Kate Gosselin (note the order of names, they’re both annoying as heck but he’s just a smidgen more  nauseating)
  •      Flu Vaccine/H1N1
  •      Foreclosure 

Again, I’m not creeping into a political discourse. All of the above (except the Gosselin duo) are important.  I’m just gosh darn tired of being whacked over the head with them.  Whatever!!!  I guess it is what it is and at the end of the day I’m a better person for having suffered through the barrage.  You know?


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