Taking a break from Advil….

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The space between my ears has been in permanent pound mode the past week.  Grrrr…my husband actually picked up two huge bottles of Advil for me on Sunday, suggesting I carry one with me at all times 🙂  And I am not a pill popper (they’re a last resort when my allergies kick into high gear).   Anyway, I have much to be grateful for…my mother-in-law had an unexpected health scare yesterday, but things are looking up today.  Thank goodness, because this woman has been through ten times what most people will ever have to face in one lifetime. 

Hmmm….read on for more happy news!


I just found out that my book Ready to Take a Chance Again finaled in a Best of the Best ebook Contest sponsored by editor/writing coach Jennifer.  Please stop by her blog and take a look:  http://www.editorjennifer.com/ .  This comes as a bit of a SHOCK because I’ve been reading the blurbs of the previously announced finalists and well…uh, I didn’t think I had a shot in heck!  SO THANK YOU EDITOR JENNIFER!!!  A difficult week just got a lot brighter!


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