Bad, bad, blogger…


Actually I’ve been a bad everything these past few weeks.  You know it’s bad when you stay awake half the night worrying about all of the things you didn’t accomplish in a timely fashion.  I was at a charity benefit Saturday night where several people asked about my writing…I quietly excused myself and made a bee line for the bar.  There’s been no writing.  No reading.  No exercise.  No phone call to my brother who celebrated a birthday yesterday (but I was thinking of him, honestly).  My fingernails are gone (I had to hide my hands at the charity ball — cause every woman there had a lovely manicure whereas I had ragged stubs coated with OPI).

I think I’m too old to suffer through the moving process again.  We’re on our second dumpster.  I’m literally throwing out everything that isn’t nailed to the floor (including the kitchen sink).  My arms hurt, my legs are bruised, and I’m consuming way too much coffee.  Tomorrow I have a plumber coming to demolish my guest bathroom.  I also have a flooring specialist coming to measure three rooms.  And I’m scheduled to read in my older son’s classroom.   And I’m so very tempted to just hop on a plane.  Seriously!  My husband is heading to Vegas on Wednesday and he asked if I wanted to tag along on his business trip.  Now I always want to go…but this time I almost said the heck with my responsibilites.  Forget the fact that we have contractors scheduled for the whole week.  Forget the fact that our boys have birthday parites to attend this weekend.  Forget the meetings I have on Thursday and Friday.  Escaping to Vegas sounds so very, very tempting.

But I’ll be here.  Complaining no doubt about all the things that are not getting done in my world.  Did I mention every single one of my neighbors spent this past weekend raking leaves?  The town swept them up from the curb this morning.  My lawn is now the only one on the block that looks like @#(!.  

Please use the comment section to chastise me for being so annoying.  There’s nothing worse than listening to someone complain.  Off to conquer my basement which frankly smells as bad as I do (just kidding).


4 thoughts on “Bad, bad, blogger…

  1. TERRY, think 11/9, and then, 9/11 …. Smile. Or, 1/8 and 8/1 ? Noodles, anyone ? How ’bout 2/10 x 2 ? Comprende ? Don’t you just love numbers ?

  2. Too bad Mr Goodboy didn’t go to Washington…the national deficit would be nothing more than a bad dream!

    I noticed you failed to include 2/14 X 2 — surely an oversight!


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