Monday Morning…Reasons to Smile


For the past six days my kids have been fighting a very nasty flu bug.  Fever.  Chills.  Cough.  Pretty much the whole miserable package.  Today they faced the awful realization that they had to return to school.  Although neither child felt fabulous, I figured every additional day home was just prolonging the inevitable.  Ugh!  Yes, I felt terrible.  Yes, I’ve been holding my breath waiting to see if I get a call from the school nurse.  Maybe it’s the season but there’s been a lot more reasons to frown than to smile in my neck of the woods.   Stress is leaking out of my pores.  (If you’re scratching your head wondering why this diatribe feels like a disconnet from the title of my post just hang in there a moment longer).  The truth is there is also a heck of a lot of reasons for me to be smiling today:

  1. My fabulous Samhain Editor, Tera, is kicking off a new contest over at her blog.   It’s no secret that I LOVE MY KINDLE.  Really it’s like a special friend that I want everyone to love.  Here’s a chance to win one of your own.  Head over to Tera’s blog starting today and find out the details:
  2. My house (the one we’re selling) is in the middle of a bathroom remodel.  The team working on it is doing an amazing job which makes this chick very, very happy.  Yah, I know I won’t be here to enjoy it after we close on our new house but it’s still fun to watch the transformation.
  3. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  In the midst of chaos it’s nice to look forward to a family holiday.  This year we’re headed to Boston to be with my ‘people’…so I’m totally psyched for next week.  Leaving the packing, cleaning, and painting behind for a few days sounds awesome to me right now.
  4. Writing…last week I actually snuck in some writing.  HUGE RELEIF.  I’ve been letting everything else take priority and mentally it was taking its toll on me.  Now my production output wasn’t enormous but at least I moved the manuscript forward.
  5. My husband’s back from Las Vegas.  Yippee.  His business trip wrapped up on Saturday and it’s nice to have another adult around the house.  Sick kids + contractors = headache

While I’m in this blessedly happy mood I’m going to tackle the laundry.  Have a great Monday!!!!


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning…Reasons to Smile

  1. Tsk, tsk TERRY, spell – check is our friend …. It would be a HUGE RELIEF to me and to all who know and love you if you were to double check your work before hitting the submit button ! THANK YOU.

  2. Goodboy:

    I think I prefer the good ‘ole days when my dad would tell me to grab the dictionary…spell check feels so removed! But I’ll take your feedback and grow as an individual 🙂


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