Industry Angst

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So much has been swirling around the romance writing world.  Harlequin announced in the span of a week two new ventures…one was met with quiet excitement (Carina) and the other open hostility (Harlequin Horizons).  Most of the online community has been vocal.  I’m a fan of Harlequin – in that I think they have historically provided both readers and writers with a huge spectrum of opportunity.  My opinion of their new programs doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot, so I think I’ll keep them to myself for a change!

Another blog favorite Jane of Dear Author posted a recent piece related to RWA  and her membership.  I’m a BIG fan of Dear Author and I have been turned on to countless writers via her comprehensive reviews.  Jane rocks in terms of her support of this industry.  She opines openly and honestly…not all of her feedback is sunshine and roses.  But she is a huge advocate of the romance genre.  Again, I’m not going to waste space here sharing my personal views of RWA’s decision not to renew her membership…but dang!!!

Off to the corner to quietly sob…can’t we all just get along?  (insert eye roll here)


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