The Spread of Ebooks….

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IN THE NEWS:  Sesame Workshop is launching its first eBook collection as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Impelsys, a global leader in electronic content delivery solutions, will be the exclusive licensee/seller of Sesame Street eBook content on A selection of Sesame Street eBooks are now available to read online for free, with additional titles to be added in January.

Through iPublishCentral Sesame Street titles will be available in one or more formats:

  • eBook – User-friendly and dynamic flip books.
  • Audio eBooks – Look and listen to stories. Featuring word by word highlighting to help young readers connect visuals to word sounds. Select titles will include Sesame Street character voices.
  • Interactive eBooks – Look and listen to stories, plus engage in activities to enhance reading and learning skills. Titles in this format will be available starting in January.

Hmmm….I’m well past the age where I can glom on to Sesame Street, but today’s news still brings a huge smile to my face.  I love ebooks.  The more they catch on, the more readily available devices will become (i.e., less expensive too).  Getting children hooked on e-reading makes sense.  Someday I may even let my kids use my KINDLE — oops that won’t happen anytime soon. 

My ‘to do’ list keeps growing.  I have yet to purchase a single Christmas gift.  Not one.   Nada.  Normally I’d be three quarters done by this point in December.  YIKES.  Sadly, I’m not in the mood.  I can’t even bring myself to buy cards.  This doesn’t bode well for my nearest and dearest.  Illness in the family makes this an emotionally shaky holiday for me.  I’ll be the nut running around on the 24th buying anything that’s been tossed aside by other shoppers 🙂


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