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I’m trying to keep my mind off important worries (family illness) and focus on the little things.  Gulp!  My stomach was a jumble of nerves all weekend trying to figure out how we’re going to be ready for the moving truck this Saturday.  We’ve not fared well in the sprucing up the house process.  My renovated bathroom project hit a huge hiccup…frankly it’s a mess.  Think painting nightmare.  Now we’re scrambling to bring in a different contractor in hopes of correcting our costly mistake.  The initial contractor…well, I’m not going to go there.  My blood pressure is finally leveling off.

Since stress puts a damper on holiday festivities we decided to accept an invitation to a party this past Saturday.  Thank goodness!  The whole family had a fabulous time…especially when Santa showed up!!!  It was a great break from moving boxes, paint splatter, and frantic holiday shoppers (yes, I tried to start working through my Christmas lists). 

Hmm…I’m off to find more packing tape!  Happy Monday!


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