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So very much has happened since I last blogged.  Of course, it was a healthy mix of highlights and lowlights!!!  From the top:

  • Christmas in Boston was lovely.  A truly special holiday with my family.  As I mentioned here previously, we are coping with a serious illness (mom) which made this year’s celebration extremely important to me.  We had fun…lots of smiles & lots of laughs.
  • My oldest, however, picked up a severe stomach bug that has put him severely under the weather during his holiday break.  Yesterday we thought he was on the path to recovery…now, not so much 😦
  • My family moved on the 19th of December.  It was #@%!   The week before Christmas is not the most opportune time to schedule a move.  Although we relocated to the next town over (about 15 minutes from our old home), it was still crazy hectic.  Right now I’m surrounded by moving boxes — I’m in no rush.  Our new place has quite a bit of space (3300 square feet) and needs some updating…but it’s nice to be able to spread out a bit.  We hope to put our old house on the market next week.  Two mortgages are not my idea of fun!!!!
  • Spent last night sleeping on the kitchen floor with my bassett hound.  He was sick as a dog.  Too gross to describe…but scary sick.  He’s lost eight pounds…the Vet seems to think it is stress related.  My dogs had been at a farm for a few weeks as we completed the move and traveled to Boston.  My four legged friend needs to chill out…and so do I!!!!
  • Excited to start writing again.  It’s been a long time…probably Thanksgiving since I’ve touched my WIP.  Although I doubt I’ll make progress this week, when the kids go back to school on Monday I should be able to spend some quality time with my laptop.  Writing tends to relieve stress for me…so I really need to get back into a daily routine.
  • Yesterday I started trolling the Harlequin writing boards…I used to hang out there a few years back and then dropped off.  Even though I’m not targeting Harlequin I love reading their subcare forum. Frankly it usually inspires me to focus more on my writing.

Okay…must go check on ailing child and ailing dog.  I’ll be checking back soon…so don’t be a stranger.


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