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Here’s a contest that might be right for you:



1st & 10 in 2010  

Are you a new writer, looking to see if you’re headed in the right direction?

Are you published, wanting to reinvent yourself or considering a new genre?

Are you tired of hearing ‘the story begins in the wrong place’? 

Need a fresh fix? We can help!  Give us the first 10 pages of your unpublished work, any fiction genre; show us how you plan to hook an editor or an agent. 

With more than ten years experience sponsoring the Barclay Gold and Sterling Contests, LCRW has earned a reputation for providing detailed and personalized comments on our score sheets. No entrant goes away scratching their head, wondering what the scores actually mean!!! 

Why come to us?

     We’re cheap–$10.00 for 10 pages

     We’re green—all entries are submitted electronically [including payment if you want]. Score sheets and the entry, with comments directly on the manuscript pages, are returned via email.

     Judging:  our first round judges have been trained via the RWA model; many are published in different fiction genres, alternate formats and length. Second round judges:  An acquiring agent and an award winning, multi-published Harlequin and Berkley author. 

Let us help you to return that opening kick-off into a run for the end zone!! 

FMI: for rules & regs, entry form, and sample score sheet. 

For further questions, contact: Contest Coordinator at:


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