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Some years are simply tough…2010 is going to be one of those years for me.  Lately I’ve been an emotional roller coaster  — like the woman you see crying in the card section of your local grocery store.  As much as I try not to think about things that are upsetting to me, my brain automatically detours there when I’m not paying attention.   Hence, I’m going to try (very hard) to keep my blogging upbeat.  This is a perfect place to focus on the bright spots in my world:

  • Started the new year with a contemporary reading binge.  Plowed through  Lead Me On (Victoria Dahl), Sugar Daddy (Lisa Kleypas), Blue Eyed Devil (Kleypas),  and Smooth Talking Stranger (Kleypas).  After avoiding LK’s contemporary novels I decided to give them a shot….LOVED THEM!!!!  Actually I enjoyed all of these stories and regret that I no longer have a backlist to choose from either Dahl or Kleypas.
  • I hung curtains in my kitchen yesterday.  Our house has a huge amount of windows that were all covered with vertical blinds (ugly, ugly vertical blinds).  It’s taking time, but I hope to have new window treatments everywhere by the end of the month.
  • Our old home is finally on the market.  My fingers are tightly crossed that some lovely person will fall in love with it immediately!  PLEASE!
  • A spot opened up to read in my older son’s class this week.  I LOVE when I can sneak in and read a couple of my favorite books.  These second graders are so darn attentive and sweet — at least when I’m visiting!!!
  • My family finally seems to be germ free…we spent vacation battling a persistent stomach bug.  For the time being everyone seems to be feeling groovy!
  • Looking for a cool website for wall decor…Check out   – I picked up some of their stuff for the new house and I’m totally pleased with it!

Signing off for now.  Still have boxes to unpack and Doritos to eat!!!!


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