Guess how long it took me….

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The past few days I’ve been trying to tackle those pesky things that have been hanging over my head.  Let me tell you…it was a good thing that I took a couple of Advil before I dove right in.

1. Those darn vertical blinds have been silently tormenting me in my boy’s bedroom.  Yesterday I picked up some cool navy panel drapes and hunkered down with my set of screwdrivers.  It took 45 minutes (honest) to get the existing hardware down.  There were literally screws everywhere.  To make my afternoon even brighter the rod I had just purchased was bent in the middle.  I literally used my teeth to get it adjusted to the point that it was functional.  Hmm…two hours to hang curtains in one room!!!

2.  It suddenly hit me why I had been avoiding my ‘work in progress’.  Can you guess?  I had reached the point where I needed to write an intimate scene (yes, that’s code for sex).  Wow…talk about tough.  After three hours of scratching my head I finally pushed through five pages.  They’re not perfect but at least the deed is done.

3.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog, I’ve just moved.  For two weeks I’ve been searching for a large box of Waterford crysal.  I’ve unpacked a good majority of my crystal collection but can’t find about 20 items.  This is not making me a happy camper.  Historically, my husband and I lose items each time we move.  Often it’s a box of coats or books — this time it’s Waterford.  NOT GOOD 🙂

Today I’m meeting with my mini critique group!  Yippee – I’ve haven’t seen any of them since the beginning of December so I’m pretty excited!!!


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