Morning madness…


Most mornings I enjoy the fact that I drive my children to school.  With our recent move, the daily commute jumped from 15 minutes to 25 minutes.  This is my opportunity to crank up the volume on the car stereo and force my children to listen to songs from the 1950’s – present.  I’m proud to say that they do a mean cover version of “Lean on Me”.  We roll the windows down a few inches (even though it’s winter in W. New York) and sing at the top of our lungs. 

Today, there wasn’t much singing.  We were in crisis mode.  My oldest misplaced his snow boots.  No boots means no outdoor recess fun.  We scampered around our hall closet and came up empty.  Mud room empty.  Under the bed, empty except for some dust bunnies.  Hence, there was no singing on the ride in.  As we pulled off at our exit, my youngest realized that we forgot to pack his library book.   Crisis changed to bedlam.  Yes, there were tears (maybe from all three of us). 

The good news is we were all able to turn those frowns right around.  My second grader and I marched down to his classroom and with the help of his very cool teacher – found the misplaced footwear!!!  Then I stopped by the kindergarten class and told the teacher I’d be back in 1 hour (25 mintues each way) with my son’s library book.  Even though my car was running on fumes, I made it back with three minutes to spare.  My five year old had a huge smile on his face…1 hour 45 mintues in morning traffic was a distant memory.  Seeing relief wash over his face — PRICELESS!


4 thoughts on “Morning madness…

  1. This has happened to me a few times too, luckily I live 2 min. from the school. I went back to drop off book bag, and I had to leave it in the office, didn’t get to see the look of relief. (Bummer)

    But I could imagine it. And I also have gone to visit my daughter for lunch and that’s always a treat. I swear I feel like a celebrity.

    • Love your comment about feeling like a celebrity!!! Kids really do love when their parents get to visit the classroom…I actually remember feeling that excitment when my mom came to my elementary school:-)

      I’m trying to get in the mood to write this morning….but the sound of raindrops puts me in the mood for reading instead!


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