An Unexpected Goodbye…



Yesterday I lost a very important part of my family.  Guinness, my ten year old Bassett Hound, passed away in my home unexpectedly.  My head and my heart just plain ache this morning.  He was a beautiful pet…the self proclaimed head of our hound posse.  Whenever his brothers (human or canine) stepped out of line, Guinness would howl in disgust — alerting me of a problem.  He was sweet, devoted, full of life and personality.  I miss him….and that feeling won’t go away.  He is a part of me now and always will be.  He was a gift and a blessing, coming into my life with a swagger and leaving with his head at my feet.


4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Goodbye…

  1. Thank you… It’s amazing that hollow feeling you have when you lose a pet. I’ve walked by his bed a hundred times today and it still hasn’t sunk in. I’m trying to catch myself when I call the dogs in from outside…whenever I accidentally say ‘Guinness’, my other pups start looking around for their friend. Ugh 😦

  2. Rita,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Is Guinness the one you slept on the kitchen floor with? I know you are very close to your dogs and this must be quite a shock to you and your family. Right now it probably doesn’t help, but hopefully all the memories you have of Guiness will brighten your heart in time.

    • Good memory, Christine. Guinness is the one that I slept with on the kitchen floor 🙂 He was such a sweetie!!! Losing a pet is always so tough — but I guess that’s the one drawback you have when you decide to bring one into your family. Thanks for your kind words….


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