Lately my head hurts when….

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I think I’m about to sound like a ranty mcpanty but does anyone else find celebrity ‘tweets’ mind achingly painful.  Good gracious, some thoughts just shouldn’t be shared. Typing out a one liner when someone in the spotlight passes away is probably not a good idea.  Find a filter for your brain.  While the intention may be good the result probably won’t measure up.    Eeeew…really!   Seeing these ‘tweets pop up on the news frightens me.  I dont’ want to know Jessica Simpson’s reaction to the ridiculous antics of John Mayer.  Eeeew…again!  My recommendation = save all these special thoughts and write a book.  People that really love and admire you (eeew) will no doubt run out and buy a copy!


One thought on “Lately my head hurts when….

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