Speed Skater PreviewIt took me a few days but I finally got into the Olympics.  Last night there was one of those OMG moments.  Remember Jim McKay’s voice over ‘the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”.  This was one for the defeat record books.  Watch a clip of  Dutch speed skating star Sven Kramer in tears after confused communication with his coach cost him a gold medal during Tuesday night’s competition.  It was unbelievable…crushing to see the devastation on both of their faces. 


I bet Sven could use some cyber hugs and his coach probably needs a long vacation away from his homeland.  The Dutch take this particular event very seriously and I’m guessing they’re not smiling today.

Hmm…maybe I should plan a vacation, too.  It seems I’ve broken my automatic garage door.  For those keeping tally, this will be the second time I’ve needed a repairman here to fix the garage in less than two months.  My spouse has no problem.  Me?  I hit the button and it breaks.  What are the odds?

Right now we are anxiously awaiting a storm that is supposed to blow in tomorrow night.  Usually those of us living in Western New York complain loudly about the never ending snow from December through March.  Not this year!  Now people here are grumbling that all the good storms have been in the mid-Atlantic.  Hmmm…somehow that’s just not right!

Now, in the interest of sharing too much I have to tell you about my late dog Guinness.  We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from our vet about when we can pick up his ashes.  (Sadly this is a big part of the closure process for me).  Finally last night I told my husband to call and find out if he’s lost in transit somewhere (the vet outsources this service).  Gulp…they’ve been calling our old number trying to track us down.   It seems the doctor didn’t take note when we asked him to use our cell numbers.   I’m guessing that they thought we’d abandoned our dog’s remains.  That would happen…like NEVER!  I’ve already made room in my china cabinet next to my late dog Nova.  (Told you, I was going to share too much).


2 thoughts on “Midweek…

    • It still makes me wince when I watch the replay. Clearly Sven is the best in the world at this event…hopefully knowing that he truly deserved the gold medal provides him with some measure of comfort down the road!

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