Join me in a little dance of joy….


I think most writers look upon reviews as a pretty cool thing.  The fact that someone has taken the time to read and comment on your work is like a mini victory.  Even if the feedback is mixed or downright stinkadocious, there is still a sense of pride.  Now, I must emphasize ‘read‘ as the key word.  Sometimes, not often, a reviewer will skim a book and still comment liberally (going so far as to get names, plot lines, and locations completely wrong).  That typically doesn’t instill any warm and fuzzy feelings for an author.  Today I hit the jackpot…JOYFULLY REVIEWED posted reviews of both ‘The Catcher and the Lie’ and ‘Ready to Take a Chance Again’.  Picture me dancing around in my pj’s because that’s what I did when I visited their site. 

Here’s a taste of what reviewer Jo had to say about ‘Catcher…’

“Nick and Abby’s relationship was not smooth or easy from the beginning but I think all the problems actually brought them closer together in the end than they might have been without them.  I did enjoy watching the two of them snap at each other knowing the line between love and dislike is very, very small.  In The Catcher and The Lie Ms. Oberlies shows well the ups and downs of love when one party is a media sweetheart.”

Here is what Jo had to say about ‘Ready…’

“Ms. Oberlies has written a romantic story about love thrown away and the fight to regain it.  While watching Jake and Grace find a way to their future, it became clear to me how hard it is to regain the type of trust necessary for a strong and lasting love.  Ready to Take a Chance Again is a love story that will hurt your heart while also warming it.”

Stop by Joyfully Reviewed to see what else Jo had to say:

Oh, and just to make my heart swell even more…these reviews were posted by Joyfully Reviewed on Amazon with each earning 5 STARS.  Can you say YIPPEE SKIPPY!!!!


2 thoughts on “Join me in a little dance of joy….

  1. Oh my God Rita, that is sooooo amazing. Congratulations! I’m going to try to post the link on Twitter.
    (I know, I joined the dark side)
    I’m so happy for you!

  2. You’re a twitter bug now? I have an inactive Twitter account…I can’t bring myself to actually use it. The evil forces haven’t won me over yet!

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